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Guys, Coachella starts today. Josh and Sam will be in LA this weekend for the MTVMA’s.

This means, however minimal, there is a chance Josh and Sam might attend the festival.

Excuse me while I go pray.

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Clara Oswald + s7[18/?]

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I’m a big romantic, traditional, cheesy guy - Josh Hutcherson

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New pictures from the set of Mockingjay in Atlanta (x)

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"…’Partita No.1.’ Thank you, Johann Sebastian Bach!” [x]

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Josh Hutcherson making fun of his height.

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You were enjoying it.


Definitely enjoying it.

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Merlin Cast at the BFI Screening (September 2011)
Colin Morgan, Katie McGrath and Angel Coubly attend a Q+A Panel at the Season 4 Screening of Merlin
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make me choose
sirmalory asked 1x01 or 5x13?

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